The Originals: Martí Guixé

Photo Credit: Imagekontainer Knölke
Photo Credit: Imagekontainer Knölke.

What does “original” mean to you?
Original means great visibility, and also success in a medium time period, as well as a way to crate a good emotional relationship with the brand.

How do knockoff designs (copies) threaten to limit the range of exploration for original design?
Copies just follow some pieces that succeeded economically and therefore they just emulate and repeat existing things, in that way negating research and progress. This promotes in that way a primitive level of industry.

How does our need for good design to be globally accepted affect how designers think? And does it then allow knockoff companies to have an easier time accessing the good designs they copy?
Designers are normally very accessible, and it makes economically much more sense to have original design. Design in general helps to create a very solid perception of the brand and it can generate huge visibility in a very short time.


Martí Guixé is a Spanish designer based in Barcelona and Berlin. He is well known for his conceptual food design and ex-designer approach as well as commercial projects for companies like Alessi, Vitra, and nanimarquina. Additionally, his work has been shown at numerous museums around the world. 

Guixé’s approach to design is rooted strongly in his fascination in design as a means of questioning, visualizing, and influencing human behavior. In 2001, the concept of Ex-Designer was created to describe his design work; a result of the decontextualization that his work is often characterized by. The concept seeks to allow the breaking of and movement beyond the typically imposed limits of the design discipline.


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