Five Ways You Can Help the Cause

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If you had to guess, what would you say the value of counterfeit goods in 2015 might be?

$200 million?
$200 billion?
Hint: it’s probably higher than you think.

According to the International Chamber of Commerce it’s $1.7 Trillion1

Yep, that’s real U.S. dollars, and a hefty increase up from $650 billion back in 2008.

With Be Original Americas, we’re working to protect the history of design and the future of innovation.  Here’s the good news: You’re invited to join us to inform, educate and influence the public on the value of original design. Together we can campaign to establish a set of industry standards that incentivize innovation and encourage investment in the future of design.  Go ahead – Join the movement, be original.

Here are five ways you can join the cause and ignite a movement:

Pledge Your Support:  Join us at just the right level – From student followers to architecture firms to museum members, you can select your level of support for this important cause.

Follow us:  Keep up with the latest on our social channels – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. From new innovations in the design world to exciting events to fascinating design history, there’s something for everyone.

Report a Knockoff:  Spot a knockoff? We’re currently compiling a database of deceptive copies in the marketplace, called NOT ORIGINAL. Contact us with any examples of original designs that are being copied and sold here.

Subscribe to the newsletter:  Learn about upcoming events and opportunities via our newsletter. Just let us know you’d like to subscribe in the contact form here.

Get Educated:  Follow Be Original news for more to come, including a how-to on spotting knockoffs, the best ways to get involved, and how to make a difference.

Stay tuned – We’ll be announcing new events in 2015 soon and look forward to seeing you there.

1. Source: CNN Money,



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