the future
of design

Be Original Americas is a 501(c)6 non-profit committed to informing, educating and influencing manufacturers, design professionals and individuals on the economic, ethical, and environmental value of authentic design while preserving and investing in its future.

The value of authenticity cannot be underestimated or taken for granted in the marketplace. Through an extensive program of lectures, workshops and round tables, the campaign goal is to establish a set of industry standards that encourages consumers, the architecture/design community, producers, dealers and media partners to fully support creativity and authenticity in order to invest in the future of design, incentivize innovation and give back to the industry and the people it serves.


we believe...
  1. in the designer
    and creators
  2. The designs and ideas of the designer are the property of the designer and the company they have partnered with in creating and manufacturing the work.

  3. in the customer
  4. The customer will choose the originals when knowing and understanding the background of the designer, the quality, the manufacturing and the creative and commercial investment it takes to create something original.

  5. that investing in
    original design is
    good business
  6. Investing in original design pays off. It keeps its value, is more durable and ages with beauty.

  7. in protecting the
    designer and company
  8. Young designers and ambitious design brands deserve design protection in order to keep designing new products and investing in bringing the design to the market.

  9. in creativity
  10. It takes creativity to create something original and that inspiration from others and historic traditions is part of the inspiration to be creative and creating something new. We believe in creating NOT imitating.

  11. that good design
    makes a difference
  12. Good design makes a difference in the world and in the way we live and work as it surrounds us in our public and private lives. Good design improves quality of life and therefore, needs to be encouraged.

  13. in the future
    of design
  14. Design gives back to the industry as a whole and to the people it serves. By purchasing authentic design you are investing in the future of design.

  15. in authenticity
  16. The authentic way is the right way – for the customers, the designers, the public and the company that develops new authentic design through research, creativity, investments and skills.

  17. In true partners
  18. True partners also believe in this manifesto and all of the items above.