10 Short Takeaways from Last Year’s Be Original Americas Design Fellows

As a college student, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed when trying to sift through numerous summer opportunities. Each program promises incredible and unique experiences, so what makes the Be Original Americas Summer Design Fellowship stand out from the rest? Check out what last year’s fellows had to say:

The 2016 Fellows present at the 2017 Be Original Americas Annual Members meeting.


“As a young designer, my thought process is constantly evolving and this immersive program allowed me to explore areas of design I haven’t seen or done before.” – Karina Campos

Getting hands-on experience at Bernhardt Design.


“This experience exposed me to so many things that I had never heard of before… it really gave me a better overall understanding of how things work in the real world.” – Sarah Ahart

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Sarah and Karina at Harry Allen’s studio.


“One thing that became more apparent during the fellowship is that in order to sustain the design industry, it is vital that we challenge the way in which knowledge is passed from established design professionals to young designers.”
– Sarah Ahart

The 2016 Fellows get an inside look at design processes at Carnegie.


“After this incredible experience, I have learned to approach design a little differently and think beyond the confines of my own discipline. It makes for a more holistic and meaningful way of designing.” – Karina Campos

A peek into the marketing of design with Spencer Bailey, Editor-in-Chief, Surface Magazine.


“Be prepared to have your thought process turned on its side, come in with an open mind of design possibilities because the things you will experience during this fellowship are lasting impacts that change the way you will view design.”
– Karina Campos

The Fellows try out some of Ligne Roset’s original designs.


“The fellowship ignited this new interest in spatial design and understanding the relationship between people and the environments and how design fits into that realm.” – Karina Campos

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Interested in a hands-on experience that will change the way you think about your career in design? Click here to apply until 2/28.


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